Ways We Help

We believe in abilities.

Therapy that takes place in a farm setting can be a unique and effective way to help individuals work through their mental health challenges. Activities such as fishing, equine interaction, riding, walking, gardening, and more can provide a calming and therapeutic environment, away from the stress and pressure of daily life.

The farm setting allows individuals to connect with nature and animals, which can be particularly helpful for those struggling with anxiety, depression, or trauma. Additionally, the farm environment can be tailored to individualized plans of care, as well as group therapy sessions. Overall, therapy in a farm setting can be an immersive and effective way to promote healing and growth for those seeking mental health support.

Our Programs

Physical and Occupational Therapy

We provide physical and occupational therapy through farm and outdoor activities in partnership with Advanced Therapy Solutions. Our unique approach promotes healing through nature, helping individuals achieve their goals and improve their quality of life.

Trauma, Addiction, and other Mental Counseling

Our program partners with the Selah Grey Foundation to provide counseling for trauma, foster care, addiction, and cognitive differences. We create a safe and inclusive space for everyone, ensuring personalized support for individuals to cope with challenges and achieve their goals.

Farm Experiences & Employment

Our program offers various farm experiences, including fishing, gardening, hiking, and more, to promote physical and mental wellbeing. We plan to employ adults with disabilities on the farm to provide meaningful work opportunities and create a more inclusive community.