We Need Your Help

Volunteer with us to make a difference

Idlehurst Foundation offers rewarding volunteering opportunities that involve tasks such as horse care, farm chores, equine therapy support, fundraising, event planning, and more. Volunteers make a positive impact on individuals withwhile developing valuable skills and experiences. Learn more about our volunteer opportunities below!

Volunteer Opportunities

Farm Tasks and Assistance

Volunteering with horse care and farm work is a great way to gain hands-on experience with equine management and facility maintenance while supporting Idlehurst Foundation’s mission. Tasks may include feeding, grooming, exercising horses, cleaning stables, and assisting with other farm-related activities.

Therapy Volunteers

Volunteering with equine therapy sessions, such as side walking or leading, allows individuals to support clients with physical, emotional, and cognitive challenges while working alongside an experienced therapy team. It’s a rewarding opportunity to help clients achieve their therapy goals while building meaningful connections with the horses and other volunteers.

Fundraising and More

Idlehurst Foundation relies on the generosity of volunteers to assist with fundraising efforts and other donations, such as land clearing and facility maintenance. Volunteering in these areas allows individuals to contribute to the success of the foundation’s programs and ensure that clients receive the best possible care and support.

“I never thought the skills I learned growing up could make such a big difference.”

Madison Bennett